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Yesterday's Skin (self-portrait), an original artwork by Corné Eksteen

Yesterday's Skin

An original artwork by Corné Eksteen | 2017

Full title of artwork - Yesterday's Skin
Period of creation - July 2017
Medium - Oil and Skin on canvas (Gesso primed Cotton Duck)
Dimensions - 80 x 80cm (On a 5cm deep wood stretchframe with wedges)
Authentication - Signed "XTN" bottom center of artwork | Not dated
Series - Not applicable
Sub-series - Not applicable
Copyright Owner - Corné Eksteen Artist
Publications - 2017 - Featured artist & artwork - The South African Artist Magazine - Issue 29
Current Location - Durban | South Africa
Availability / Status - Available

Artist's Statement about this Artwork

This painting a self-portrait has a conceptual side to it. Actual skin tissue removed from my body is worked into the surface area of the painting, thus not only making this a portrait of myself, but a portrait that is built out of "parts" of my body.

Skin tissue was optained by getting a severe sunburn, which normally with my very light skin type leads to "peeling" and often blisters. Skin from blisters and peeling was carefully removed from my body, preserved in linseed oil for a number of months and then finally made their way onto the surface of the painting combined with regular artist oils.

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Detailed images of Yesterday's Skin, an original artwork by Corné Eksteen

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Work in Progress images of Yesterday's Skin, an original artwork by Corné Eksteen